Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Roof, Exterior Trim, Tower!

A fine view of the tower, lookout, crow's nest, whatever!

Looking at the front, carport, porch.

Looking from the West to the East, new backyard area.

Got wood? Parts for all the exterior window trim laid out in the dining room/workshop.

Yours truly, finishing the pine boards for the tower ceiling.

The finished tower ceiling.... all recycled wood!

Framework for tower roof assembled in dining room.

Tower roof assembly starting to take shape.

Bruce getting ready to fall off roof. Where is his safety harness, you ask?

Installing windows! Only 16 of them in the tower.

Looking a little precarious there, Bruce....I can't watch.

Yes, indeedy, that is a long way down...

Aw, come on, Bruce, it ain't that bad. The worst is over. Now the fun begins.

Toasting in the tower, great place for sunset, star gazing, winter storms....champagne!

What do you mean you're tired, it's not finished yet....Poor Bruce.