Thursday, May 07, 2009

Almost Done with "Neverdone"

Sorry it has been so long between updates, been a little busy. It is getting close. We have a final deadline of June 19! The front looks like a mess, but it is all in the line of progress. Kitchen is almost done, bathrooms are all in progress, most mechanical systems are go, and we are very tired. But this is the exciting part when all things finally come together. June 19 will not be a move in date, but the county will be off our backs. We will then finish the last of the cosmetics, flooring, window trim, etc before moving in.... some time this fall??? Don't forget, if you want to see a picture larger, all you have to do is click on it.

Welcome! Come on in...

Kitchen is shaping up...using soapstone for the counter tops, love it! Some of them are in.

Even a short work space for us vertically challenged.

And not one, but two islands...

Everyone should have a buffet...

Can't wait to get my hands on that new cook top.

This little bit of whimsy is in the lightwell above the kitchen.

Soapstone in progress. Cool stuff, you can fabricate it with wood working tools.

Oh yeah, and while you're at it Glenn, how about a little stone for the shower.

Ariel wants to know...How many more windows to trim are there?

The boys playing the bathtub. Fred, that is not a kayak! Now get out of MY tub!

And he still looks happy, can you believe it?

Fear of heights? Who me? No, I love scaffolding.

Yes, yours truly, trying my hand at Venetian plaster...Love the stuff.

A bit of the upstairs showing stairs leading to the tower.

The wet bar upstairs next to the guest room.

The guest room, bare bones for now, but already in use.

Some outside views...The master bedroom is on this end on the left.

More views...

Schugg, on the other hand, is quite bored with all this. Doesn't any one want to play ball? Doesn't anybody love me?

Perhaps a dip in the pond might cheer her up.

Oh, yes, time to relax... We almost forgot! Next update you will see us wiling away the day in these chairs!!!