Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Manny's Visit/ IViews of Inside

Actually coming along quite well. From these pictures it doesn't seem like sheetrock is just around the corner, but it is. All the plumbing is in, electrical and the rest of the wire to manage phones and sound. Yikes!!! Houses are so complicated these days... Inspection this week, and hopefully insulation and wall board to follow soon. Then these pictures will really start to look like something. Be sure to stay tuned.

And a special thanks to our guest carpenter, Manny, Bruce's Dad! We enjoyed having him as much as he enjoyed being here.

Like Father, like Son

Some pretty nice work, I say...

They say, it's all in the planning...

Men and their tools, just how cute it that?

Inside the entry, looking upstairs.

Looking through the arch from the entry into the family room

From the family room looking towards the kitchen with light well above.

Positioning the fireplace!

The master bath, ahhhhhhhhh,Calgon, take me away.

View from upstairs looking at the stairs that lead to the tower, view room...

It's all in the details.... Only 25 more of these to go!

View from the front of the house, including porch and carport.