Sunday, February 03, 2008

Getting Closer

Well, it has been a while since we last updated the blog site. Lots of changes. Things have slowed down a bit since Bruce went back to work in October, but we are still moving forward. Kitchen cabinets were ordered this week. The place is insulated and completely sheet rocked, partially textured and primed. The two decks are up, though not shown well in these pictures, and all the doors are in. About three-quarters of the sidewall shingles are up. Still lots to do, but we are really hoping to be having some sort of house warming sometime this fall.

Really starting to look like something now, a real house!

The front entry with the porch yet to be built.

This is the side you see as you drive up and the carport on the right.

Parts, parts, parts. Thirty-three of these little buggers, all handmade from old stock.

The laundry / mudroom entry, off the carport.

Working hard, yeah, quit smiling...

View from the upstairs deck facing west.

The front door and entry / dance hall from the inside.

The staircase off the entry and hallway.

Part of the kitchen that faces the great room.

Back of the same kitchen wall that separates the kitchen from the great room, showing the light well above.

The great room looking toward the pond and the west.

Upstairs common area facing west and out onto the deck.

The upstairs facing one of the bedrooms and the light well above the kitchen.

The window from the upstairs bedroom through to the light well above the kitchen.

Where the tub will sit in the master bath facing west.

Looking from the west back at the house and master bath and bedroom.

And looking from the west facing the master, great room, tower and upstairs deck.

Bruce's Dad, Manny, showing off the cabinets he built for the laundry room. They are stacked on top of all the interior trim that has yet to be processed.

Bruce and his Dad really enjoyed their time together. They are standing by another piece Manny made, a plywood /wood rack.