Monday, July 13, 2009

a few more uptdated photos

Well, didn't quite make the final deadline, big surprise, but got lots done. Nothing like a deadline to get your butt movin'... We took a little break to host a family reunion for Bruce's Mom's side of the clan, the Linders. Just about 50 or so folks...and a great time was had by all.

We have been having many guests lately including these little fellas...

Look who came for a bite at the pond! The momma otter had these three babies in tow...Too cute!!

So thought we would share a bit more of the progress with y'all. Two of three bathrooms are done and the third, as well, except for tiling of the shower. The kitchen is about done with appliances installed. Still need to hook up one more sink, install one more counter top, and some finish some electrical. With most of the biggies out of the way, now its onward to trim, trim, trim....and don't forget, to see any of these pictures larger, all you have to do is click on it.

The kitchen sporting a few new appliances and counter tops. Yippee! Only one counter top left to go.

And a lower counter top for the vertically challenged...Hmmmm, wonder who thought of that?

The soapstone in its raw state looks blue / gray, but will be much darker black / charcoal when it gets oiled.

Looking from the kitchen to the dining room...still full of many parts....

Ah, my personal spa!

And the hall bath.

The upstairs full guest bath.

Just have to tile the shower. Very traditional.

So that is all for now. Hopefully, the next entry will be the finale...


Deb said...

WOW...Who knew appliances and counters could make such a difference??? It really DOES look like a house!

Anonymous said...

rosanne & bruce, first off many hello's to you both. doing very well. i quit boozing over a year ago. i feel great!! your house is totally amazing!! can't wait too come vist and see it all. you both did a wonderful job. AWESOME!! I MISS YOU BOTH SO....VERY MUCH. WE SHOULD DO A KNOTTS LANDING REUNION?? SWEET MEMORIES. I STILL REMEMBER FLOATING IN YOUR POND, THE DAY AFTER A HUGE DRUNK!! BRUCE AND MYSELF, JUST LOUNGING. WELL THANKS FOR THE POSTING OF YOUR GREATLOOKING HOUSE. I LOVE YOU, XXX JOE

Ray said...

Absolutely fantastic and awsome, a word I don't usually use. What craftsmanship and the design is "to die for".
Congratulations on your progress.
Love ya,

Josh said...

The house looks great!Glad to see its almost done.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both on a very long awaited period! The place looks fabulous and created with much love!!! We look forward to seeing more pics!! What will you do with yourselves after it is finished???!!!!! Love you both!!!